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At AP Exporters, we provide a variety of products to countries all over the world, with a specialty in coir products. We create natural and organic coir products for the horticulture, floriculture, and substrates industry. only the best quality products are selected to be processed and delivered to our buyers worldwide. Our product is used as a growing medium for different hydroponic crops, nurseries, plant propagation, and bedding plants.

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We understands that all our customers are not the same. A customer could be a Green house growing different type of vegetables or a microgreen supplier or medicinal CBD producer. Each customer's individual requirements will not be the same and vary for the growing medium. We have the capability to manufacture and supply according to your need. We have coco peat washed, double washed, unwashed, buffered. with a different mix of fiber and pith ratios de- pending on the water retention properties and air porosity requirements. Whatever your requirement is, we can discuss with you and make it to your requirement.
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